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Help patients suffering from kidney failure

Help kidney failure patients get their hemodialysis treatments

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The national health system in West Bank and Gaza provide Hemodialysis service to patients who suffer from kidney failure. The service is suboptimal though given lack of adequate resources. Often times, there are no enough hemodialysis machines to provide three sessions a week per patient. The dialysis machines are often donated by the community and dialysis centers end up getting different machine brands which further complicates the situation.

As a result of the above, patients end up receiving two dialysis sessions rather than three, and dialysis centers end up working three or four shifts to meet patients needs. Some patients get their dialysis late in the evening and others can't get back home before midnight.

Patients end up needing to commute using private transportation, and at inconvenient times of the day. This adds financial and physical burden on patients, who are already burdened by their illness.

PAMA aims to fundraise for 7 hemodialysis machines in phase one of this project. Each hemodialysis machine and hemodialysis chair cost about $17,000.

*PAMA will do its best to use your donation toward the project of your choice, however, in certain cases, PAMA may use it where it is needed most.