Emergency Appeal to Support Gaza Emergency Medical Releif!! image

Emergency Appeal to Support Gaza Emergency Medical Releif!!

Over one million displaced, tens of thousands injured and over 13 thousands died


Donate to Send Medical Relief to Palestine

The escalating situation in Gaza has caused tens of thousands of casualties and is a humanitarian catastrophe by all measures. The health care system in Gaza has already collapsed. Many patients and injured civilians including children are unable to receive medical care, food, water and have no shelter. Palestinians who are being treated at remaining functioning hospitals are suffering, due to major outages of medical supplies, food, water and fuel, which caused a healthcare disaster in Gaza. The West Bank hospitals have been also receiving a significant number of injuries, and have limited resources and major shortages in medical supplies as well, which puts the healthcare system there as well at the brink of collapse.
PAMA have been working with its partners from the early days of this crisis on the ground to secure humanitarian and medical aid around the clock. Your donations will help to ease the suffering by sending medical supplies and medical teams, sending food, water, and basic human needs which will be benefiting many innocent civilians and children who are suffering the consequences of this war.

Thank you for supporting our efforts to provide necessary medical and humanitarian supplies by donating to this urgent medical campaign.

The Palestinian American Medical Association (PAMA) is a non for profit 501 (c) (3) charity "EIN 47-2227058" that aims to promote health care for Palestinians.

This fund is a certified Zakat eligible.

*PAMA will do its best to use your donation for your project of choice, however in certain times PAMA might use it where it’s needed the most.