Now, Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank need you more than ever image

Now, Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank need you more than ever

Help PAMA empower the minds and heal the hearts of Palestinians

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We are fundraising to help the indignet population of Palestine

Thank you for your generous and ongoing support to PAMA and its beneficiaries. With your generous donations PAMA has launched several long lasting projects. These include students scholarships, teleconference lectures, subspecialty fellowships, surgeries for children with congenital anomalies, corneal transplants to Gaza area patients, cochlear implants for children with hearing loss, and rehabbing Gaza children who are psychologically impacted by loss, poverty and violence. PAMA also has provided help to Palestinian hospitals in West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza. These include radiation oncology equipments to Augusta Victoria Hospital in East Jerusalem, Rotablator to the Cath lab in AlMakkassid hospital in East Jerusalem, tens of Hemodialysis machines, tens of High Flow Oxygen Therapy machines, hemodialysis and surgery supplies and many others. PAMA’s swift impact is due in part to its roots in Palestine but the majority of our accomplishments are made possible by the unwavering support of our generous donors.

PAMA not only has generous donors like you, but also has a generous young board of directors. PAMA board not only volunteer their time, but also are among our top donors.

PAMA is growing exponentially, and you want to be part of a thriving charity. PAMA board are very thankful to your support. You give Palestinians the strenght to endure the hardships they go through every day. Please keep your support going, invite your friends to join PAMA efforts, and let's join efforts to empower the minds and heal the hearts of Palestinians.

*PAMA will do its best to use your donation for your project of choice, however, PAMA might use it where it’s needed the most