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Donate now to help Palestinian students in need

Your donation will benefit medical students pay their tuition and relieve the financial hardship their families are going through.

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We are fundraising to help medical students pay their tuition and relieve their families of financial hardship

Cost per beneficiary: This project provides a one-time partial scholarship of $1000 or a full tuition scholarship of $5000 to students studying in the medical and healthcare field.

Most of the beneficiaries face financial difficulties and are Zakat eligible. Candidates for Zakat donations need to fulfill two major criteria: proof of financial hardship and average to excellent academic progress. PAMA completes a rigorous process to verify the authenticity of the financial hardship, including verification from university officials, contacting references, and consulting with PAMA representatives in Palestine. PAMA pays off all the administrative fees so your Zakat or donation will be delivered dollar for dollar to the recipient. Students complete the PAMA Education Fund application and provide the necessary supportive documents. PAMA then reviews all applications and coordinates with the affiliated university officials to choose the final beneficiaries. Finally, PAMA deposits your donation directly into the students' university accounts to ensure the proper distribution of funds. With your help, PAMA has been able to secure funding for over 156 scholarships. These scholarships benefit medical students in Gaza and the West Bank. The impact of these scholarships on the students and their families is significantly huge as described by the students themselves.

Please review Student feedback to see the impact your donation will have on them and their families.

*PAMA will do its best to use your donation toward your project of choice, however, in certain cases, PAMA may use it where it is needed most