Donate to help train Palestinian physicians

Donate to fund subspecialty training to Palestinian physicians




Donate to fund subspecialty training to Palestinian physicians

We are fundraising to help Palestinian internists and surgeons obtain highly needed subspecialty training

Cost per beneficiary: The predicted cost per physician per year is about $13,000. Subspecialty training is 2-3 years long, and PAMA is looking to train 10 physicians in phase one of this project with a total cost between $ 240,000 and $360,000.

Palestine is totally dependent on medical missions to provide highly specialized medical and surgical care. As a result, Palestinians are suffering from deficiency in subspecialized care. PAMA is collaborating with local Palestinian medical institutions to select board certified internists and surgeons to get their subspecialty training abroad. PAMA is also collaborating with neighboring countries to provide high quality training positions in a cost effective manner.

PAMA will secure this budget through both crowd funding and grant applications to foundations

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