Please help train surgeons at Al-Ahli Arab Hospital in Palestine.   image

Please help train surgeons at Al-Ahli Arab Hospital in Palestine.

With USAID funding, a well equipped Minimally Invasive Surgery MIS center has already been established in Palestine. However, the center lacks funding to train physicians.

$1,005 raised

$40,000 goal

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This projects aims to train 100 doctors/surgeons in Gaza to use Minimal Invasive Surgery over 6 months period.

Cost per beneficiary is about $400 and the whole project cost is about $40,000.

Minimally invasive surgery has lower coplications when compared to open surgeries. Palestinian physicians, mainly in Gaza, lack such training.

The project meets the following prerequisites:

  • It addresses a problem that is prevalent, treatable and of high impact on patients and communities.
  • It addresses problems not readily solvable within local institutions
  • It addresses problems that can't wait and has negative consequences
  • Its outcomes are achievable in Palestine and with PAMA's help
  • It has specific and measurable results

Please join us in making this project a reality. * PAMA will do its best to use your donation for your project of choice, however in certain times PAMA might use it where it’s needed the most